Trackdown Stolen BlackBerry Using BlackBerry Protect

Loss of the important data is a nightmare for everyone. Imagine if your Blackberry devices was stolen by someone and you have important data stored on it. Do not panic! With the BlackBerry Protect,  stolen BlackBerry can be tracked down.

Research in Motion (RIM) as the manufacturer of BlackBerry provides an alternative to trackdown the location of stolen BlackBerry devices using an application named BlackBerry Protect.

BlackBerry Protect is a free application developed by Research in Motion. Its offers many security features such as backup, lock devices, trackdown stolen BlackBerry phones, wipe phone and shipping notifications.

trackdown blackberry

You can download BlackBerry Protect from this link. Or directly download and install to your BlackBerry phones by visiting this URL :

To manage or trackdown stolen Blackberry with BlackBerry Protect installed, you can log in to this link:

Go to ” Find Device” option, then “View Current Location”. You will able to track the current location of your stolen BlackBerry using provided map.

Well, if you want to add additional security features on your BlackBerry devices, you should install BlackBerry Protect now.

Some visitor asking me to trackdown their stolen BlackBerry devices. No.. no.. I can not do such thing for you. Please read usefull links below to get more information and knowledge about Blackberry Protect features and BlackBerry Protect how-to guides.

Official how-to and user guide :

ps. You need PDF reader to read BlackBerry Protect user guide and security notes.

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  1. I had blackberry protect installed, lost the phone, would I be able to retrieve my data since I’m no longer using blackberry. Or do I need a new blackberry to gain excess to my lost data.

  2. Why are we not told or informed that it is not possible to locate any blackberry phone when the original sim card has been removed by whoever has taken it. So blackberry protect app and software only works when the phone is on and has its original sim card activated. WE ALL KNOW THAT THE SIM CARD IS REMOVED FROM A STOLEN PHONE thus blackberry protect is USELESS!!!!!!!

  3. hi, i will like to get d location where my BB is but i couldnt get through,i have been trying it for the past 2months and the person that stole it is using it but not with my line how do i track it. this is d response i usually get whenever i tried locating it :Unable to determine the current location of this device.

    pls help me o

  4. Hi, my Daughters Black Berry was stolen her bbm pin is 267ED688, black berry protect was installed. I think the person who stole the phone disabled it? as the phone is now being used and they have deleted me as a contact have sent a request. is there any other way to lock the phone or trace it?

    • Blackberry protect depending on gps signal, sim card, etc. So if it was turned off, blackberry protect will be useless.

  5. I hv lost my blackberry curve before yeasterdays nightI need ur help please i’l b very thankful this is my BBM pin 27F3512F please mail me on this id if u got any information [email protected]

  6. We allv know that when someone steals a phone they take out the sim card. So with this blackberry protect you will never get your phone back. Why not try something more useful like the sumsung and other phone where you can locate your phone even when the sim card is out for as long as the phone is off. Bb is so expensive for it not to have the right software to lacate.

    • if u already install BB protect on your BB it will work, even they change the SIM card. When they activated the phone BB protect will work with your SIM card or other SIM card because BB protect work with your PIN not with your SIM card.

  7. Guyz I lost my blackberry last year n I had a suspect bt he refuses 2 b the 1 who took it n nw I foung out that person is using my phone so plz help me track down my blackberry

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