Google Policy Violating European Law?

Google change their privacy policies to integrate all user profile from dozens of Google services, into a single user profile. But this policy has been criticized by European Union.

BBC website stated that Judicial Commission of the European Union assessing the new Google privacy policies was violate European law. According to Viviane Reding, member of the Judicial Commission of the European field, Google has been considered “not applying the rules of transparency”.

Google said that they new privacy policies already conform the rule of law in Europe. “We strongly believe that our privacy policy is simple, clear, and transparent and respect the principles of data protection law”, Google stated.

Single profile which is a combination of information taken from various Google services (such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google+, Picasa, Blogspot, Android, etc) feared would be a valuable ‘assets’ for Google that can be sold to third party to increase Google’s revenues.

Google said that they new privacy policies will not be used for the benefit of the company. This rebuttal was written in the official Google blog post “We change our privacy policy, not to control privacy.”

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  1. The networks can trace your phone in 2 seconds but they are not willing to help because they want to sell another phone to you

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