Yahoo! Messenger Direct Download And Tweaker

Yahoo! Messenger is a popular internet messenger and often used by internet to chat or sharing files. However, the most bugging thing is the official installer from Yahoo! is an online installer – this will slow down the installation process of Yahoo! Messenger itself.

To make workaround for this here I list links to directly download Yahoo! Messenger standalone installer / offline installer so you can install Yahoo! Messenger right away.

Yahoo! Messenger latest version / latest build direct download links:

  1. Yahoo! Messenger version 8.x
  2. Yahoo! Messenger version 9.x
  3. Yahoo! Messenger version 10.x
  4. Yahoo! Messenger version 11.x

Beautiful tweaking that can be used for Yahoo! Messenger is Ad Banner Remover Plus (ABRP). ABRP can be used to remove all advertisement inside Yahoo! Messenger and able to do some minor tweaks.

For Yahoo! Messenger version 11.x and below, use banner Ad Remover Plus version Download link available below:

For Yahoo! Messenger version 11.5 and above, use Ad Banner Remover Lite (ABRLite). ABRLite is available for 32 and 64 bit operating system. Download link available below:

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