Choosing Web Hosting Tips

An old adage from Indonesia said: Do not buy a cat inside a sack – because you didn’t know how it looks like. Likewise, in choosing web hosting. Here, I wrote  some tips that might help you to choose a good web hosting provider.

Along with the increasing number of web hosting services providers in the world, some of the un-responsible persons also come to playing in the business of providing web hosting services. As a result, there are many users who disappointed by their hosting services, either because the hosting servers is frequently down, up to the closing of their service without prior notice.

Therefore, before determining the choice of web hosting, you can follow these tips:

1. Business entity and the location or address of their office.

It’s important to choose a hosting service providers with clear business entities and clear address of their office. Forms of business entities clearly reflect their seriousness on providing their services. By knowing the location, address, or verified phone number we will be easier to contact them.

2. How long they operates.

Experienced web hosting provider is usually has better “skills” to maintain the quality of their hosting and have a better capability compared to the new comer hosting provider.

3. Do not be fooled by the testimonials.

Sometimes we are fooled by testimonials that appear on hosting provider’s websites, but sometimes they show fake testimonials. Do not hesitate to ask directly to their customer about their services.

4. Server and datacenter locations.

Datacenter location affecting your website load speed and its performance. Choose hosting provider that has datacenter in accordance with the traffic your website.

5. Do not be fooled by low prices.

Price is determining quality. Do not let yourself fooled by the cheap hosting services – but their quality is bad. Do not hesitate to ask support staff help if there is any questions or concerns in your mind.

6. Ensure  provided hosting features is suit to your needs.

Double check all features of hosting package before you used it – such as control panel features, backup features, etc.

7. Your data are important! Make sure they backup it.

Nightmare in every web hosting is the loss of data due to the power failure or malfunction of the device (hardware failure). Make sure your hosting provider backing up your data at least once a week (daily backup is preferred).

8. Nothing is unlimited.

Unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, unlimited blah blah. You need to realized that nothing in this world is unlimited – its including computer devices such as harddisk. So, choose right disk space and bandwidth to suite your website needs.

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