How to Download All Files From Google Services

As we know, in early 2012 the development of Google services has grow fast and seems to be unstoppable. They provides tons of services such as Google Plus, Picasa, Gmail, etc – and they offer it for free! Did you know that we can download all the data from Google services easily?

Google knows exactly that is Google users wants to easily perform exporting and importing data from their used service such as Google Docs, Picasa, Google+, and others. Therefore, Google officially released Google Takeout to the public.

By using the Google Takeout, you can download all the files that is stored by users on Google’s services – with just a few clicks. Not only that, we also able to downloads all stream from Google+ in easy way.

Follow this steps to download all data from Google services :

First, login to Google Takeout using your Google account. On the next page, option to download the archive of all Google services will be shown. Click “Create Archive”, then Google will archiving all your data into a single .zip file. Finally click “Download” to download the file to your computer hard drive or yout thumbdrive so you can carry it anywhere.

Very easy, huh?

To download data from a custom service, simply select “Choose service” and select which Google service that you want to download.

The following figure shows the ease of downloading all the files in Google Docs.

google docs takeout

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