How to Clean Computer Physical Memory

Dirty pins on physical RAM (random access memory) inside your computer can leads some computer errors such as hangs, computer working slowly or you can’t turn on your computer at all. Get rid of them before your computer got problems!

Computer RAM pins often oxidized and it is necessary to clean it at least once every three months to keep your computer running smoothly. There is an easy way to do this – and you can do it by yourself.

You will need :

  • Can of compressed air (you can obtain it on computer dealers)
  • Anti-static cloths
  • A rubber or eraser ( I recommend Staedtler rubber)

How to clean your computer RAM :

  • Make sure you turn off your computer properly, disconnect your computer from power source and unplug all cables that is connected to your computer (such as VGA cable, keyboard cable, etc).
  • Gently release your computer side panel so you can reach all peripherals inside your computer. Some computer cases often use two or more small knobs that you can turn by hand, or buttons that you press in, to release it.
  • RAM’s slot has a hooks on its edge to hold RAM position. Gently release RAM from its slot by pressing down those hooks.
  • Hold your RAM as little as possible¬† then aim and press can of compressed air to RAM chips and elements to rid all dusts. Wipe gently with anti-static cloths to clean it up.
  • Using an eraser, rub gently all RAM pins . Do it until all pins surface clean.
  • Once more, aim and press can of compressed air to RAM slots to remove dust inside it. Wipe gently with anti-static cloths to clean it up.
  • Put back RAM to available RAM slot. Ensure the position of RAM is correct, pull down firmly until the hooks hold RAM steady.

Last thing to do is put back the computer side panel and tighten its knobs. Now you are ready to use your computer.

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