Android Malware Spread Through Facebook


Some bad peoples on internet has found new ways to spread malicious programs for Android. After confronted by Google Bouncer, a number of malware now spreads through Facebook.

Google is already build a new application called Bouncer to anticipate malware attacks on Android devices. This application serves to filter out any content that is in the Android Market.

But the cyber criminals were trying to be more creative to spread malware with other methods, one of them is spreading malware through Facebook.

Malware is spreading using various names for example any_name.apk or allnew.apk, and spreads using Facebook application for Android by referring to a site containing malicious applications. Curious victims might download this application and get infected by malware as soon as they installed this application.

Well, here the user is required to be more carefully. Android does not allow users to download applications from obscure websites without permission, so this kind of attack can be easily avoided.

According to Sophos security services provider, if it is installed then the application will automatically create a user subscription for premium SMS or other adverse action.

To be safer, Android users are advised to make settings which only allow installation of applications via the Android Market.


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