SEO Tips for Yahoo Searching Engine

Have you ever had the experience, your websites or blogs have the first position in Yahoo search results, but has no index? How to solve this problem? Check out the explanations here.

You need to apply search engine optimization (SEO) for Yahoo in order to make your websites or blogs indexed properly by Yahoo. There are four important things that must be considered to perform SEO for Yahoo : website or blog structures, keyword density, domain age and backlinks.

  1. You need to create easy to access navigation structure. You also need to provide an XML sitemap. Web structure plays an important role especially on SEO for Yahoo. Therefore, make sure you have proper web structures.
  2. Make sure you get quality backlinks and according to your website or blog topics. Also built proper internal link.
  3. Take advantage from Yahoo Answers. You can use Yahoo Answers to link your blog or website. However, make sure that you provide relevant link.
  4. High quality and unique content is a mandatory thing on SEO – for Yahoo, Google or Bing. Make sure the keyword density fit for the content.
  5. Take advantage from Flickr by adding your blog url in your profile at Flickr.
  6. Create and use proper tags, especially for wordpress based bloggers, you should use proper tags on your articles. Tags is an important element to build a blog with a good structure.
  7. All search engines dislike slow webhostings – it takes more longer to crawl your website or blog. Important things that should be considered is choose a reliable web hosting, so search spiders can crawl your website or blog at highest speed as possible.
  8. Tweak your websites or blogs to get best performances, so its load faster on every web browsers. For high traffic blog or website, you can use content delivery networks.

Avoid the following things for your blogs or websites :

  • The content does not comply with its URL
  • The page is redirected to another page.
  • Autoblog and auto-generated contents
  • Invisible text links
  • Excessive usage of pop ups that can disrupt your blog visitors.

Also remember, all search engines not build your website or blog index instantly – especially for new blog or website with newly registered domain.  It may take a month, so be patient.

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