Ubuntu for Android : Full Desktop Application on Your Android Phone

Canonical announces that they will release Ubuntu for Android. This application designed to run under Android based smartphones. “Ubuntu is the killer app for multi-core phones in 2012” as they stated on Ubuntu official website.

android heroUbuntu for Android is not an operating system that is fully installed on smartphone, but run as additional applications that will work when a smartphone docked with special dock. Although its not an operating system, Ubuntu for Android has been bundled with common applications such as office applications, multimedia, web browser, and email.

Users can operate the application using the keyboard and monitor connected to a special docking devices. And when the smartphone is removed from its docking device, the smartphone will have a function as an ordinary Android smartphone.

The main purpose of this application is to move the Ubuntu desktop functionality to the Android smartphone. This concept will remind people on the Motorola Atrix WebTop platform.

You do not need to worry because of the calls and SMS can still be handled properly when Ubuntu for Android is currently running. List any contacts will automatically synchronized, so the caller or SMS sender ID will appear properly.

The bad thing is the usage of docking device is a mandatory thing, that means you have to carry its docking device. But at least it was a forerunner of technology that allows us to work anywhere and anytime.

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