avast! 7 Beta Download Links and Public Release Reviews

Avast! Antivirus Lab statistics showed that they had more than 160 million users worlwide  in the end of January 2012 Рa remarkable achievement! avast! often outperforms their competitors Рboth for free or paid-for products.  avast! officially released avast! antivirus 7 beta to the public on a few days ago.

Unlike the previous version, avast! 7 beta has a many improvements such as graphical users interface tweaks – avast! has smoother and sleeker interface now, cloud-powered definitions updates, better scanning engine, and focusing on ease of usages.

Avast! Virus Lab every day adds at least 25,000 new variants of virus definition updates, its released periodically 2 or 3 times a day. But the engineers on avast! Virus Lab not yet satisfied with it, so that they build avast! 7 beta with a hybrid cloud technology – technology that will give all users streaming updates on new malware threats in addition to the regular virus database updates.

“Instead of our clients having to ‘pull’ in the updates, we can ‘push’ it to them,” said Ondrej Vlcek, CTO of AVAST Software. “Once we have Decided to publish an update, we can push it out to all of our users in minutes.”

They plan to deliver at least twenty definitions updates a day and keep counting this number as soon as avast! ‘s infrastructure allows it.

“Our Virus Lab adds about 25.000 new virus signatures daily. Instead of waiting for an update two or three times a day, users will get streaming updates as new malware is discovered throughout the day,” Ondrej Vlcek stated.

What’s new in avast! 7 beta:

  • New installer
  • UI facelift
  • FileRep service (cloud-based)
  • Streaming updates
  • Sandbox & Autosandbox improvements
  • Browser protection improvements
  • The remote assistance feature to help your friends with computer troubles
  • Support tool
  • Export / Import settings
  • Screensaver facelift
  • It runs on Windows 8 Developer Preview
  • and many, many security improvements.

One of the best thing from avast! that made avast! as the most widely used antivirus in the world is you can get it for free! If you want complete protection, you can get it at a competitive price – avast! Professional or avast! Internet Security.

You can download and try avast! 7 beta for free. avast 7 beta installer supports both 32 and 64 bit operating system.

avast! Home Edition 7 beta download link:

avast! Professional Edition 7 beta download link:

avast! Internet Security Suite 7 beta download link:

How to install avast 7 beta?

Just run the setup executable (links above). This version can be installed on top of your existing avast installation (6.x).

Known issues :

  1. In some cases, WebRep Chrome plugin is not installed entered correctly
  2. The Safezone browser is opening each time when you switch back and to the Safezone
  3. Plugins for Outlook 2k3 and 2k7 show “runtime error” message
  4. Sometimes autosandbox toaster does not close entered correctly
  5. Problems with avast sounds on Win 7 and Win Vista
  6. The remote assistance feature Sometimes crashes on Win 7 32b, Win Vista 64b
  7. Avast! account functionality is disabled
  8. The help has not been updated yet, it’s still from v6
  9. Many of the translations have not been updated yet, so you’ll see new items not in English

Screenshots – click to enlarge (courtesy to Softpedia)

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