Tips to Avoid Scams on Social Networking Sites

Existence of online social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can help us keep track and connected to our friends. However, online social networking sites can be used as a tool to commit fraud.

Impersonation is a major security issue in the social networking even you can be a victim. Maybe there is someone out there that claim to be friends of you, your friends claimed to be someone else, or even maybe someone claiming to be yourself.

Falsifying identity on social networking sites is not a hard thing to do. However, the potential damage that they caused can be dangerous. Here are some simple tips to avoid fraudulent (scam) on social networking sites:

  1. Set your privacy settings properly, so your post or information can only be seen by people who are entitled to see it.
  2. Beware and think twice before you click links from received messages. Beware of the shortened link (URL shortener) and remove or ignore any things that you can not identify.
  3. Never ever transferring money or arrange any type of financial transaction through social networking. If a friend asks for help, contact the first person on the phone before you act.
  4. Applications such as quizzes, games, or free applications are not always safe. If you are asked to provide personal information in order to win prizes, such as phone number or date of birth, ignore the message and immediately close the application.
  5. Change your password regularly, and make sure you use different passwords for social networking services with which you use for online banking.
  6. Do not respond to pop-up message that invites you to meet new friends or tell you to do the unusual behavior.
  7. If you are a victim of abuse or online fraud (scams), save the evidence and other relevant information. You probably will need it if you want to report to authorities.

You must remember that crime was not happened not just because of the intention, but also because of the opportunity. Therefore, stay alert to any offers from other people especially on social networking sites.

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