Ragnarok Online : AzzyAI for Private Servers

This post is kind of nostalgia for me. I am quit playing ragnarok online at 2009, but now I am back to play it (for fun!). I was a big fan of Creator – game character with special pet : homunculus and I can use my favorite AI to control it. But somehow, now everything has change – old-skool AI doesn’t work at all at pre-renewal ragnarok client. And there is no AI (yet) for *cough* private servers.

AI in action! :)

This AI is based on AzzyAI version 1.541 (released at January 26th, 2014) including fix to make it works at private servers based on eAthena/rAthena – so it should be works fine at *cough* private servers. This version also include small tweaks to suite high rate server. AzzyAI is a powerful and flexible AI for use with the Mercenary and Homunculus systems in Ragnarok Online. AzzyAI has been the most used mercenary and homunculus AI on iRO for years.


  • Supports both interactive leveling with the homunculus or mercenary and AFK leveling
  • Supports autocasting of most any skill that you would want to trust an AI to cast automatically for you, including appropriate use of AoE attack skills and automatic casting of buff skills
  • Supports all mercenaries and homunculi types
  • Huge selection of options, allowing customization of homunculus (or mercenary) behavior to suit almost any forseeable circumstance
  • Advanced homunculus / mercenary tactics
  • Configuration is handled via an easy to use configuration tool (AzzyAI configuration utility)


You can download this AI here (size : 570 kb): Mirror #01 – hosted by Mediafire


Installation only takes 3 steps!

  1. Extract downloaded file in the temporary folder using your favorite files archiver (WinRAR, Winzip, etc). You should findĀ “USER_AI” folder after successfully extract downloaded file.
  2. Browse your Ragnarok installation folder, create backup for “USER_AI” folder inside “AI” and “AI_Sakray” folder (remember you must create 2 separated backups – AI and AI_Sakray)
  3. Copy “USER_AI” folder from your temporary folder to “AI” and “AI_Sakray” folder in your ragnarok installation folder

Congratulations, you’ve just installed AzzyAI for private servers like a boss!

How to use it

To test this custom AI, simply login to game.

  • For homuculus type /hoai to switch to custom AI
  • For mercenary type /merai to switch to custom AI

Return back to default AI? No problem… just type /hoai or /merai to enable or disable custom AI.


You can find “AzzyAIConfig.exe” inside AI folder. Click it twice, then AzzyAI configuration should be showed up. You can customize nearly all aspects to control AI for homunculus and mercenary here.

AI Configuration Panel


If something went wrong (eg. client crashed or you got tons of errors), you can always revert back to use original AI as you backup it before.

You can read some useful FAQs here : http://www.drazzy.com/ai/faq.shtml


I am not providing support for this AI, and I can’t guarantee its work fine or not. Personally, I was tested this AI and everything just running well @ gatheringRO. I am not responsible of any damage caused by this AI.


  • drAzzy (AzzyAI original coder)
  • hercules.ws

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  1. Mas Agung Laksana

    Hi there, I’m playing ragnarok online private server also in Indonesia. This Blog owned by me to give information for indonesia people.

    By the Way, it’s looks like different with my private server. Where can I find the information different beetwen of eAthena and rAthena ?

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