Microsoft Need to Fix Windows 8

Not everyone is happy with the change of the design of Windows 8, including a former employee of Microsoft itself – Mike Bibik. He thought the company should be doing something better for Windows 8 operating system.

Mike Bibik manage a new site named “Fixing Windows 8”. The site contains suggestions for Microsoft so they can improve the user interface for Windows 8, especially for mouse and keyboard usages. Bibik himself is a former of Program Manager at Microsoft.

“During the keynote at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Microsoft claims Windows 8 will work fantastic if you use a touch, mouse or keyboard. Unfortunately, it is still not entirely correct,” wrote the first post on the site, which quoted from PC World, Thursday (3/15/2012).

The site reveals some of the bad side of Windows 8. Among other things, new users will not know how to navigate the interface because so many options that are hidden, including Charms menu, a list of the main applications and the Start button.

Not only that, according to Mike Bibik, Metro does not have control of the application window, so users can not minimize or exit from an application.

Despite his site containing many suggestion for Windows 8, Bibik claimed trying to make his site more informative, not only offending Windows 8.

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