5 Reasons to Use CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a content delivery network and distributed domain nameservers service aimed at enhancing website performance and speed and providing security. CloudFlare offers both free and paid services.

So, here is the 5 reasons why you should use cloudflare based on my experiences :

1. Easy to setup

Cloudflare works as a reverse proxy that connects your web visitors to origin hosting server. The best thing is that they operate many CDN servers around the globe on the different continents to deliver your websites contents – ensures your contents delivered faster then before. After you done setting up your web with CloudFlare, try to reload your website and you’ll see the differences.

It really does as they say, give us five minutes and we’ll supercharge your websites! I use Pingdom Tools to test my blog performance, and you can see its result here :

performance test

As you can see, my blog is faster than 97% of all tested websites on Pingdom Tools. Great!

2. Real bandwidth saver

Cloudflare able to save requests and bandwidth consumption up to 40%! Imagine you have a website with extensive visitor consuming 30Gb bandwidth each months. By using cloudflare, you can save up to 10 Gb bandwidth, its a huge savings!

cloudflare save

3. On-the-fly web optimizer

Cloudflare’s technologies such as web optimization features automatically optimizing web contents that passed their servers on-the-fly, resulting in faster page rendering. You can easily accessing this features from “CloudFlare Settings” inside your Dashboard. I really love this feature since they really boost website performance.

web opt

4. Better DNS management

Honestly, they has better DNS management interface compared to my domain DNS control panel. Its seamless and easy to use, with highly configurable options supporting A records, CNAME, TXT, etc. You only need to point your domain nameservers to Cloudflare’s nameserver, and you’re ready to go with Cloudflare’s DNS management system.

dns management

5. It’s FREE!

Best of all, they providing their service for free. If you need extra features, you can get it with affordable price. So what you’re waiting for? Join with Cloudflare now!

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